Automatic File Backup

You can instruct SmartWare to backup files automatically by setting the Automatic Backup option in the Global Preferences Definition Menu to Yes. This menu is accessed by selecting the Tools Preferences Global command. When you enable the Automatic Backup feature, SmartWare retains the previous version of certain files each time you execute a "save" command. Worksheet files, project files, and macro files are backed up in this way. Backup files do not appear in prompter listings. The file types and corresponding extensions assigned to these backup files are shown in Table 2-4.

Table 2-4

File Type


Worksheet Files


Project Files


Macro Files




Files with backup extensions cannot be loaded. To recover a file from the backup copy, use Tools File Rename or Tools File Copy to give the file a normal extension: ws, pf1, or mac. The file can then be loaded as usual.

NOTE: Automatic Backup helps you recover data inadvertently overwritten or deleted but it is not a substitute for your regular backup procedures.



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