.asc file exported in ASCII format

.bp1 backup project file

.bws backup worksheet

.cgm computer graphics metafile

.dat file exported in ANGOSS format

.gdb business graphs

.gdc composite graph

.gde elevation graph

.gdf pre 1.5 graph definitions

.gdh high-low graphs

.gdn graph definition file

.gdq quick graph file

.gds scientific graph

.gdt text graphs

.gmf pre 1.5 graph metafiles

.is1 input screen

.pf1 project source code

.prn report printed to disk

.rdf report definition

.rf1 runtime project file

.wk1 Lotus 123 worksheet, rel. 2

.wks Lotus 123 worksheet

.ws worksheet

.### filled area font

.aif executable program file

.bdf backup definition

.ccd compiled cartridge descriptor

.cpd compiled printer descriptor

.def definition file

.dif file exported in DIF format

.exc dictionary file

.exe executable program

.gdv graphics screen driver

.hdv hardware driver

.lrl local resource library

.mnu menu keywords

.msg intro display file

.ndv network or file driver

.pdv printer driver

.psc plotter descriptor

.sdv text screen driver

.sff screen font

.srl resource library


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