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Technical Overview  

SmartWare Software is a venerable technology first introduced in 1983.


The description of SmartWare can be approached from any of three ways.  Smartware is a combination of :


Programming Platform

Office Suite



It has undergone several iterations and is now modernized and work continues to add more to the feature palette. The current supported releases are SmartWare 4.5 and Visual SmartWare.  The product is fully backward compatible so virtually all existing SmartWare 4.0 and in fact files as far back as 2.65 windows versions will migrate seamlessly to the current release. This will allow a SmartWare user to immediately move production systems to SmartWare 4.5 then incorporate new features offered by the upgrade as they are implemented by user/developer.  Click here to view press release.


Programming Platform


The Remember commands in SmartWare make it easy for anyone to begin to program SmartWare. This single, unique feature puts extraordinary power into the hands of professionals and novice users alike.  SmartWare also contains over 400 functions and approximately 200 programming functions.  We believe SmartWare is positioned as one of the few Client Server Relational Databases with its own set of tools.   SmartWare has the tools to write your own functions with the SmartWare Project Processing programming language.


Office Suite

In addition to the Client Server database, there is a Spreadsheet and Word Processor and Serial Communication modules.  As the office suite market is domination by Microsoft, the SmartWare office suite can be use as a replacement or  as a means of moving data between data formats.  The office suite modules are very useful to the programming environment.




FairComŪ releases c-treeSQL Server and new edition of c-tree Plus incorporating an array of interface technology and advanced features.  SmartWare has been integrated into this newest Client Server database engine. Visit FairCom's website to learn more.


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All this power is now Pocket PC enabled. We also believe that SmartWare is the Client Server database software for the Pocket PC. Wireless applications are waiting to happen.


SmartWare is OLE Automated in both directions and is compliant and obedient with OLE applications.


ActiveX Control is enabled in SmartWare.


There is a Linux build of SmartWare that the Corporation is preparing to take to the Linux marketplace. We believe SmartWare to be vastly superior to Star Office.


SmartWare is Talk To Speech enabled.


Our ODBC driver is robust and a valuable tool for any application developer.





Smart Ware For Pocket PC







SmartWare, to our knowledge, is now the first Client Server database that is enabled for the Pocket PC. We are pioneers in this marketplace. We believe that SmartWare Developers have true opportunity to create and market applications for the Pocket PC platform that can dominate business categories.


SmartWare 4.5 is officially released